Letter to the Editor: When will someone say ‘enough’?


George Washington’s church, Christ Church in Alexandria, has decided that a plaque honoring the president marking the pew where he sat must be removed because it makes some people feel unwelcome or unsafe.

A plaque makes people feel unsafe and unwelcome? You think, this is what it’s come to, but it may be just another step in the ongoing effort to sanitize U.S. history. Next it might be the pew itself, because he sat there, or the pulpit because he listened to sermons preached from it.

Unrealistic? At this point, who’s to say?

Is there only one facet to George Washington’s life, that he owned slaves, to be remembered? Without Gen. Washington, there would be no United States. For years, he held together an army that suffered starvation, lack of clothing and pay, freezing weather, battles, disease and death to create this country. I imagine that members of that army felt unsafe and, frequently, unwelcome.

In the fledgling United States government, George Washington, our first president, made the decisions that would determine how the Constitution would be implemented to create a true country out of what had been separate colonies. There was no road map to follow. Was he perfect? No one is. But we cannot afford to forget all he did to create this country. He is not called the father of our country for no reason.

When will someone stand up and say “enough?” Apparently, not even his own church which, presumably, was proud that he had worshiped there and had no political intent when they installed the plaque. How ironic. How sad for us all.

Susan M. Walls, Edinburg