Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte’s misleading behavior


I am dismayed to see our 6“s3″>th Congressional District Representative Bob Goodlatte, televised leading his committee in the investigation of “inner bias” regarding the FBI. As chair of the Judiciary Committee, we can presume that Goodlatte is responsible for the hearing as well as the direction of the committee in questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Remember that Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller, an impartial Republican, as a result of President Trump’s firing the FBI director, James Comey, and that Trump is on record stating he fired Comey to stop the investigation into the president and his men regarding Russia. Mueller’s efforts have already resulted in arrests and indictments.

Goodlatte’s committee was not concerned with the fact of the indictments, or the behavior of the president and his men, or the fact of an attack on the nation and electoral operations. Rather, they are concerned with the fact that some members of the FBI were guilty of passing emails disparaging Trump. Apparently, personal opinions somehow tainted the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Several members of the committee expanded this idea to suggest that the whole Mueller investigation be shut down. If the Republicans are so concerned about the Clinton problem, they should investigate her actions. Perhaps they are discouraged from investigating her now, given that previous investigations amounted to little more than expensive, fruitless witch hunts.

I am shocked that Goodlatte would attempt to stop the investigation into the invasive behavior committed by Russia. This is a partisan move to try to sow doubt about Mueller rather than a desire to protect and serve our country. There is the predictable chorus of Republican talking heads trying to cast doubt about Mueller’s work. Putting the Republican Party ahead of the Constitution is not the behavior of public servants concerned with our best interests. Republicans are fond of investigations when directed at their opponents, but are afraid of truth-finding when it is looks at their actions.

Steve Foreman, Warren County