Letter to the Editor: If in a hole, stop digging


On Nov. 7 voters in Shenandoah County followed Will Rogers’ advice to stop digging when you find yourself in a hole. The hole in this case is respected business leaders stating that some supervisors are hindering economic growth, 80 members of the Chamber of Commerce agreeing that the negative political environment is the greatest barrier to economic development, and that two of our schools lack certification.

The new and returning members of the Board of Supervisors will find that two of the hole diggers were thoroughly repudiated by the voters with only one hole digger remaining. The board has huge challenges ahead as it strives to overcome lost opportunities for economic development, to let industries know we are again open for business, to address a backlog of maintenance for county and school buildings and equipment, and to increase morale of staff and citizens. It will take time and effort to restore our reputation.

My concern is that the one remaining hole digger, whose term ends in two years, will want a deeper hole and will hinder and sabotage the board as it undoes the damage done in recent years. If he ignores the overwhelming vote of Districts 4 and 5 and intends to continue in the same vein, I would respectfully suggest that he do the right thing and resign from the board.

John Ayers, Edinburg