Letter to the Editor: Most people skip to sports

I am one who reads many newspapers. And in so doing I make sure to read all the columns and letters to the editor. This is a great way to learn of the thoughts/opinions of my fellow citizens.

The column in the Dec. 15 edition by Richard Hoover was quite interesting. But he forgot one important thing. A great many people who buy newspapers do not pay much attention to front page news. They will immediately turn to the sports pages and read them. I recall the words of the late chief justice of the U.S.Supreme Court who said he goes immediately to the sports pages because they contain man’s victories, whereas the front pages contain man’s failures. Very true 60 years ago and very true today.

My point here is that most readers do not spend much time reading front pages or editorial/commentary pages or letters to the editor. So, in his commentary he was “speaking to the choir.”

I grew up reading the papers. In fact, as a child in my native New Jersey I basically learned how to read by reading the comics in about five different papers on Sunday morning. Thus, a newspaper has always been a part of my daily life.

I read the Northern Virginia Daily cover to cover, starting with sports and comics pages, then getting to the Opinion page where I read everything. I may not agree with every column, but I do consider those opinions and perhaps alter my own by reading. On days I go into Winchester I buy the Washington Post and USA Today. They also get read cover to cover. So I read to be informed, just as I listen to the radio for the same purpose. If more people would follow my lead, this country might just get truly better for all of the population.

Bob Brookfield, Wardensville, West Virginia