Letter to the Editor: Plenty of enmity from both sides


After reading the last of the three opinion pieces by Andy Schmookler, we are led to believe that what is wrong with America is that conservatives are mean to liberals. Apparently he has either not been paying attention to, or has chosen to ignore, the vitriolic hatred fomented by the left through their mainstream media toward President Trump (and by proxy, toward the “deplorables” who elected him). Mr. Schmookler is absolutely correct when he says that the first step to resolving our problems is to “set the feelings aside and work together… .” I agree.

But to ascribe this enmity almost entirely to the conservative movement is not just incorrect, it is demonstrably incorrect. There is plenty of enmity from both sides. Liberals are being influenced more and more by the far-left loons who have hijacked our education system and media, and conservatives by the far-right idiots who claim some kind of moral superiority!

​I am old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans aired their differences, then worked to find a solution to benefit America. Let’s get back to those days.

Tom Overman, Woodstock