Letter to the Editor: Anything goes from here on out


It appears our FBI and perhaps the Justice Department, operating under Barack Obama, has indeed been compromised.

This means we are truly a “third world country.” The left (Democrats who aid and abet) have chosen this method to destroy what is left of our system of government and, our country. Obama said he would “fundamentally change America”

Folks, “the rule of the law,” it doesn’t get more fundamental than that, is now on the block. Anything goes from here on out!

The FBI “was” the preeminent law enforcement agency on Earth. It is extremely sad to see it in such a state as it is today. The United States will never be the same without “the rule of law.”

If the corruption is allowed to stand, this country may very well be over! We must keep in mind that this came from within. Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder and all those planted in the bowels of the government are all “ultra leftists.” All Democrats.

God help us all!

John Brain, Maurertown