Letter to the Editor: Congress is enabling a bully


If I had a son or daughter who suddenly began to call people names because that son/daughter no longer agreed with the other person, I would not stand behind that child with a triumphant smile on my face. No, I am an adult.

First, I would chastise the child, explaining that name calling is bullish and bullying – name calling, as my momma always said, makes the person calling the name look ignorant.

If the child had this same behavior a second time, the child would be strictly punished as name calling is not accepted, regardless of circumstance. There should never be a third time.

As a parent, a teacher, a community leader, a former Boy Scout and church leader, I would never stand behind that misbehaving child with a delighted smile and, therefore, reinforce behavior that we all know as adults is not acceptable.

So what’s with Congress? Are they not adults?

When the spoiled child who should not be in the White House persists in calling people names, bullying people and being bullish, party officials —  I can’t describe them as leaders as they are not —  should not stand there glowing and gloating behind him like some sorry caricature of an old Soviet propaganda poster.

Unless that image really is the image the GOP wants to project. I ask you: Is this the image you want reflected in your GOP representation? Really?

Lisa Currie,  Toms Brook