Letter to the Editor: Permanent therapy cap fix needed


I hope my Senators Kaine and Warner are listening, as well as Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. We need your help to pass a permanent therapy cap fix.

As it stands Congress only approved a $2,000 annual cap on physical therapy care. Unlike years past , Congress did not include the customary permanent therapy cap fix whereby allowing additional therapy based on additional need whether that be a separate event or add-on therapy to current event.

Failure to pass the permanent therapy cap fix results in complete lack of care once the $2,000 has been reached. If someone on Medicare has a stroke and a fall in one year each requiring in excess of $2,000, physical therapy care for only one event will be covered. This is detrimental to those who require physical therapy for long-term recovery and treatment.

Daronda J. Toole, Star Tannery