Letter to the Editor: Stand up and do the right thing


Tattletail, rat, narc and snitch are some of the names used by guilty people to keep people from coning forward about that they know. Making little children keep quiet by calling them a tattletail starts in kindergarten.

This year many women have been coming forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by men in positions of authority. The truth is coming out and no one is calling them a snitch.

There have been some old crimes and murders in the surrounding areas like Stephenson, Strasburg, Front Royal and Winchester that are still unsolved. Many people have information but will not come forward for fear of being called a snitch. This is “old school” thinking. The new thinking is “see something, say something.” Saying nothing says a lot about you.

People need to stand up and do the right thing. I think that I would call the person who comes forward a “hero.” Truth will triumph and there can be closure. My son Mark Golliday was killed in 1990 by a hit and run driver. He was 18 years old. Families need and deserve closure.

Barbara Golliday, Winchester