Letter to the Editor: Wake up!


Hey, all you hard-working retirees out there – how’s your Social Security 2 percent, cost-of-living raise working out for you?

Our government has just sneaked another one in on us. Without a word of warning, they’ve raised the cost of Medicare by at least 22 percent. Most of us retirees will not receive a penny of that  2 percent raise. It will all go to cover the increased Medicare deduction.

I’m amazed that there hasn’t been a whimper of dissent – and no discussion or forewarning. We acknowledge that Medicare was in trouble. But 22 percent all at once all on the backs of those least able to afford it!

You may think that President Trump and the GOP have the best interests of their so called “base” at heart. But the fallout from the hasty and ill-conceived tax cuts just passed will cause more chaos and dissension as the wealthy and powerful feather their own nests, and the gap between rich and poor grows ever deeper.

The independent government accounting office tells us the tax cuts will add $1.7 billion to our existing over-$20 billion national debt – thus sending us quickly down the road to bankruptcy – like Greece, even while our infrastructure crumbles – like Puerto Rico, which the administration seems to have written off.

And let’s examine that base of lily white, biased tea partyers who represent less than a third of the country who think the government is on the right track and the president can do no wrong. Yeah, you’ll win every vote with over two-thirds of the voters disapproving!

Has someone made a deal with Putin or Lucifer to create total chaos ,division and dissension and weaken the country as much as possible, or is the anti-Christ finally among us?

Make no mistake about it – a revolution against a government intent on pursuing its own interests rather than the interests of its people is brewing – and it will be played out at the ballot box in November!

Robert, Front Royal