Letter to the Editor: A day in life of anti-Trumper


After more than a year, the constant resistance and uproar from anti-Trump fanatics attempting to destroy his presidency has failed to generate enough political dirt and deceitful spin to change the outcome of his election. Seasoned and politically powerful leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have spearheaded a wacky left wing crusade that has fallen short of the political harm necessary to get the job done. It’s a resistance mania that causes me to question a typical day in the life of an anti-Trumper.

My guess has the day beginning early with a wake-up alarm to catch the morning news – CNN or MSNBC would be good for the latest dirt dump on the president. Still half asleep, this anti-Trumper is hoping for that major breaking news story that would spell the end, truly a dream come true at this late stage. Could today be the day?

But this morning’s news,  like all the others, failed to deliver. Same dirt, same spin and the same disparaging remarks for America’s 45th president. What a bummer, but maybe the afternoon news will land the final blow.

One thing’s for sure, we need to topple him soon. His leadership in 2017 showed a much improved economy, American workers are keeping more of their money due to his tax overhaul. His foreign policy focus on American strength is earning respect from foreign leaders. He has appointed an excellent Supreme Court justice. Consumer confidence is at its highest since 2000, new home sales are up and so is median household income. The stock market is the highest in history and unemployment is at the lowest since 2007. Obviously, he believes in a  strong, secure and prosperous America.

But he doesn’t see things the way we progressives do. I’ll set the alarm for an early wake-up tomorrow. It may just be the day I’ve been waiting for. Tonight I’ll say my prayers once again and hope for a better anti-Trump day tomorrow.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City