Letter to the Editor: Demand that Medicaid be extended


Virginia is one of 18 states that has chosen not to expand Medicaid. Because of this partisan decision, Virginia has forfeited $4.6 million a day, or $2.6 billion per year, in federal funds. Keeping that much money in our state should be an issue everyone in Richmond can agree on.

More importantly, this terrible decision has crippled many of our neighbors and friends. There are 138,000 low-income Virginians who fall into the “coverage gap,” those working adults who make “too much” to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to obtain ACA subsidies. In Shenandoah County, $6,721 in annual income is “too much” for a family of three to obtain Medicaid for the working parents. The 10,200 people in Sen. Obenshain’s district and 4,000 people in Del. Gilbert’s district fall into this coverage gap.

I encourage constituents to call their offices. Demand that Medicaid be expanded in our state during the legislative session.

We can’t afford not to.

Jeanne Theis, Woodstock