Letter to the Editor: Fight bullets with ballots


I am a Democrat who has come to believe Donald Trump may indeed make America great again. All indicators point to large voter turnout in the upcoming November elections. Young people especially are voting in higher numbers. This bodes well for our democracy as citizens realize that every election matters. If you think science should inform and guide our conduct, and that government has the ability and responsibility to enhance the welfare and equality of all, then it is essential you vote for candidates who share those beliefs.

Trump may lead to a greater America by changing the nature of the Republican Party. How can the GOP survive on its current path? Formerly the “law and order” party, it is now at war with the FBI, the Justice Department, and the intelligence community. Formerly foes of Russia, they now acquiesce to all things Putin, even turning a blind eye to attacks on our election system. They’ve sold their souls to financial power brokers, propped up by their propaganda mouthpieces, motivating their base with fear, hate, and untruths. Long professing to believe in fiscal responsibility, now that they’re in control, they blow a huge hole in our budget by showering tax breaks on the already wealthy. They rely on voter restrictions, gerrymandering, and quite likely more Russian meddling, to stay in office.

To overcome the above and vote in good government, America will, in fact, have to be greater than ever.

The latest urgent example of this need is in response to yet another mass shooting: the only way we can release the stranglehold the NRA has on our legislatures is to fight bullets with ballots and elect more Democrats. Perhaps a Republican Party that is humbled by electoral defeat will repudiate Trumpism, and once again be a productive participant in a functional two-party system. That would really make America great again.

Eric Olson, Front Royal