Letter to the Editor: GOP places loyalty to party over nation


In the 1960s and early 70s, I was a committed liberal and opposed FBI and CIA efforts to put an end to Vietnam War protests.

Now in my 70s, I remain a committed liberal, but my allegiance to the FBI, the intelligence community and the Justice Department roles in investigating President Trump’s abuse of power has undergone a seachange. How did this happen? Neither the strength of my patriotism nor the ardor of my belief in democracy has wavered in the intervening years.

It happened because Donald Trump, with Russian help, won the 2116 election and has adopted many autocratic practices. Trump does not represent me. Neither does U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, House Speaker Paul Ryan, or campaign aides/advisers Carter Page and Steve Miller, all of whom have as their goal ending the special prosecutor’s probe. The GOP administration appears to place loyalty to party over loyalty to country.

Next Nunes promises to focus on what he considers “irregularities” in the staff-depleted State Department. Baffling!

Elisabeth Schillinger, Strasburg