Letter to the Editor: Don’t spend millions to glorify war


Today I do not know whether to laugh or cry.  The leading story on the news I watched was that of our commander in chief, Cadet Bone Spurs, wanting a military parade.  I speak from experience, perhaps dated, but I am sure it is the same today –  an enlisted man hates a parade.  I am sure that this is true of our serving men and women today, those still fighting our longest war, 17 years and still counting.  True, we have had huge parades in the past, the largest, probably, at the end of our terrible Civil War, when some 300,000 marched through Washington.  We also had victory parades at the end of World Warr I and World War II.  I don’t remember any for Korea or to celebrate our defeat in Vietnam.
So, for Cadet Trump I recommend the following:  let us have a massive parade on Veteran’s Day.  It would be a parade of veterans, and let it be led by the Purple Heart Brigade,  with Sen. Tammy Duckworth, in the position of honor.  The walking wounded unit could be led by John Kerry,( three Purple Hearts).  We have no recent victory to celebrate so let’s honor those who know best what war is.  That way we show the true cost of war with a march that shows that some wars never end.
Let us not spend millions of our tax dollars to glorify war and display our tremendous military might like some third world dictatorship.  Let us show the nation the result of endless war.  We need to remember that war is an extension of failed politics, sometimes a necessary one.  Most often today it is not.  We have combat troops in seven nations that we know of.  Isn’t that enough?  I’ll be happy to march in that parade and, as a one- time enlisted Marine, that says a lot.
Danuel L. Smith Major, USMC Retired