Letter to the Editor: What can we do to keep kids safe?


It is scary. And it is becoming more scary.
During last semester I was substituting in a classroom at Strasburg High School when a “lock-in drill” was announced. A drill. Only a drill. We made sure the door was locked. We covered the door window as directed. I cut off the lights, expecting it to last just a few minutes. But it continued. And it continued. And it continued.
I was becoming concerned. Kids had remained at their desk. One of the students came to me and said, “Mizz Kitty, I think we should “move in” – in other words, gather at the distant wall. away from the door. The kids were getting nervous. Their “adult” in the classroom was more than nervous.

And we waited. And we waited. And I prayed. There was a definite reason that the drill lasted longer than the usual few minutes, but I was not aware. It really makes me think, what if?

The most recent school massacre has escalated a lot of debates. What can we do to ensure that our kids (and the teachers/staff) are safe? There are many variables. There are no easy answers.

Kitty Miller, Strasburg