Letter to the Editor: Where is delegate when we need him?


Last week the House of Delegates passed legislation to help more than 40 economically strapped counties and six cities throughout southwestern, southern and central Virginia. The vote was 87 to 12.

It was a bipartisan bill and its chief sponsor was Del. Will Morefield, a conservative Republican. Our delegate, Todd Gilbert, voted no.

But that’s not all. Page County clearly met the economic guidelines of the pending legislation. It is a county with both high unemployment and a high poverty rate. But Page County will receive no help from this legislation.

And where was Todd Gilbert when we needed him? Gone. He voted against the bill and there is no indication that he even lifted a finger to get Page County included or change some of the provisions so that Shenandoah County might also be eligible. Last time I looked, we are not a wealthy area, and we could use some help.

Del. Gilbert has already said that there are no circumstances where he would favor Medicaid expansion. Does that same logic apply to helping economically distressed areas not only throughout Virginia but also in his own district? It would appear so.

David V. Evans, Mount Jackson