Letter to the Editor: Why is GOP applauding Trump?


So the child in the White House declares in the sacred State of the Union message that all people deserve respect.

Well, I’ll be.

I am shocked that such words could come out of his mouth without a thunder bolt blasting him from the chamber because he’s a man who shows little to no respect.

Let me count the ways…

He denigrated African Americans, Muslims and Hispanics. Not respectful.

He verbally abused the wife of another candidate while campaigning. Not respectful.

He mocked a handicapped man. Not respectful and totally offensive.

He failed to shake hands with the Most Honorable German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Not respectful.

He pushed the president of Montenegro out of the way. Not respectful.

He has repeatedly bullied and name-called Kim Jong-un. Not respectful and somewhat dangerous.

He bragged about sexually assaulting women. Really really really not respectful.

He belittled members of Congress. Not respectful.

He disparaged media outlets such as the New York Times and posts video of himself “wrestling” CNN. Not respectful – rather distasteful.

He insulted war hero John McCain and a Gold Star family. Really really not respectful. In fact, shameful.

And still the GOP stands there behind him obliviously applauding, as the child applauds himself while sounding more and more like a Nazi propagandist.

Now think about it: Is this the respect you want reflected in your GOP representation? Really?

Lisa Currie, Toms Brook