Letter to the Editor: The Left is destroying our country


We are witnessing attempts of the Democrats and extreme left to destroy this country!

The Left is doing Russia’s bidding. Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Obama, and many more hide in the bowels of our government. They claim to love this country and are patriots. Bull! They are patriots of their cause. Nothing else matters nor does it matter how that goal is accomplished. It doesn’t matter who or what’s destroyed. The love of government and power drives them under the pretext that they’re working for the constituency. Nothing could be further from the truth. Power is their constituency.  These are socialists and communists. They sometimes like to be called progressives. The Left do not cotton well to the loss of that power (election loss) and to an outsider, at that.

The free press socialists continue to serve masters on the extreme left whenever and however they can. These patriots of socialism have severely damaged the FBI and Justice departments in their lust for power and control. This doesn’t matter to them as it helps in the quest to destroy the Constitution, rule of law and justice, and thus a belief in this country – the belief of our founders that we can rule ourselves as we have for hundreds of years, and very successfully I might add!

Is there one other country that can match what we have in freedom and liberty and what we have accomplished as a free people? The answer is no for folks who can’t get enough free stuff and enough big government. Try living in Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, China or in South America if you think socialism is so great! History can be a guide to the right answer. People need to open their eyes and minds to the truth. Freedom has never been free, will never be free! It is up to us, not the government. We pay the ultimate price, not the government. I don’t see markers at Arlington or anywhere else that say government on it! There are American names, they all understood what liberty and freedom are all about. God and country!

John Brain, Maurertown