Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte’s predictable response


Representative Goodlatte recently supported the firing of yet another FBI official on questionable grounds. How very convenient that Rep. Goodlatte’s response echoes the Trump administration so closely. It must be a relief not to have to question his party’s leader.

As head of the House’s Judiciary Committee, with oversight over the FBI, Goodlatte could be expected to defend a hallowed American institution, but instead, he chooses to follow in the footsteps of a man who has consistently raised doubts about the FBI and national security agencies but praises a Russian monster. The president chooses to disparage the FBI, CIA and other groups working to ensure our safety in an effort to salvage his tattered reputation. To save himself he tears down the rest of the government. By destroying the credibility of the FBI and other institutions, he destroys the social fabric that binds the country together. To build himself up, he tears down others. In the Trump reality show world, we are all just pawns in his drama. Chaos, greed, short-term gains and distrust are all a part of his world. Perhaps the most unfortunate piece of this clown show is the fact that the Republican Party is in lockstep with a dangerous, ill-conceived agenda.

Apparently, it is too much to expect leadership and courage from a committee chairman whose Judiciary Committee is known as “the place where bills go to die” by his colleagues. As a parting gesture, Goodlatte could fulfill his duty to his constituents by becoming the conscience of his party. For Goodlatte and his fellow Republicans to enable and encourage a failed leader amounts to a dereliction of duty. Supporting a figurehead who is serially dishonest, uneducated and unwilling to learn, and an outright danger to the world serves no one. This is no time to foster fear, lies, and ignorance or to encourage the fantasies of a man unfit to lead. Our democracy is endangered when one party has no moral compass. Let us hope against experience that Goodlatte redeems himself by speaking out before he retires with a large pension.

Steve Foreman, chairman of the Warren County Democratic Committee