Letter to the Editor: Headlines as editorials


Every day when I retrieve my newspaper from the box, I am curious to see what creativity and imagination the Northern Virginia Daily editor will devise to craft negative news headlines relating to the president.

Even considering the spate of ham-fisted and negative examples that hallmark your coverage of President Trump, the March 8 headline struck a new low for both hypocrisy and unfairness. The headline, “Trump Administration Escalates Immigration Feud,” unfairly attributed the actions of the attorney general to the White House, then characterized the attempt by the attorney general to safeguard U.S. federal officials and uphold the primacy of national law as a petulant argument over immigration policy.

Let’s see if I can make this simple; the apprehension of serious criminals by U.S. law enforcement agencies does not constitute a “feud” over any issue, but is rather the clear Constitutional requirement of the enforcement of congressionally passed laws to be executed by the executive branch of the government. Such a mischaracterization would be head-scratching on the editorial page, but has no place at all on the front page of an objective newspaper.

Dennis C. Barlow, New Market