Letter to the Editor: Just wondering …


During the recent windstorm, while enduring a sleepless night and toggling between nonsense and “revelation” in my brain, I wondered how our planet might be different if we had more female leaders and if we could be free of nuclear weapons. What kind of world would this look like? We need our powers of visualization.

With the “Time’s Up” and “Me, Too” movements arriving, perhaps it’s a “carpe diem” moment in history to encourage more women to seek elected office and thereby access the corridors of power – from local to world leadership positions. Could more female leadership make the world a gentler place? We need to support each other in this endeavor. Now is the time. Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, and Indira Gandhi come to mind as forerunners.

My nighttime reverie shifted into high gear regarding nuclear missiles. There’s too much at stake not to try to de-escalate the threat of annihilation. Could a single miscommunication put us there? An emerging arms race with Russia seems to be heating up. Putin has recently revved up his nuclear missile talk, joining our president and North Korea’s leader in trading threats. Aggression and competition seem common to these “leaders.” What “goes” with these men and missiles? Is this an evolutionary product? A question of hormones? Too much testosterone? Too little? Too much estrogen? Psychological “hang-ups?”

Insecurity seems to be a problem common to all these “men-children.” Bring in the psychiatrists!

We must elect leaders, male and female, who are uniters and who put aside personal needs and antics in order to promote a better world for all inhabitants. We need open minds to accommodate each other’s ideas. It’s time to give more females who possess so many attributes necessary to elicit change, the chance to help us achieve peace on earth. It can and must be done. The status quo is no longer acceptable.

My night-time reverie gave me “food for thought.” I hope I wasn’t just dreaming!

Linda Jo Norris, Maurertown