Letter to the Editor: Our president is out of control


For our president of the United States to call and congratulate Vladimir Putin for winning a sham election is indefensible. How on earth can the president of the United States abandon American values in such a call?

In addition, he did not even mention the situation in England let alone admonish Putin for what happened in England. If you voted for this president, I wonder if now you have any remorse. He is not a leader of the free world. He lacks integrity, is mean spirited, and is dishonest. His behavior is motivated only by what the president of the United States thinks is best for him. Not America!

I pray that not only our country but also the world can survive and recover from the damage he has and is doing. If he fires Rosenstein and Mueller, we will have a major crisis in this country. And if he cancels the Iran deal, we will have a major international crisis. Given the way this president of the United States creates chaos, I would not be surprised if we had both crises at the same time.

Our president is out of control.

Michael Cash, Maurerton