Letter to the Editor: Youth will make America great again


The stunningly articulate expressions of anger by Parkland, Florida, students and their peers across the country, as well as their rock-hard determination to make their murdered classmates’ brief lives count for more than thoughts and prayers, should be an inspiration to their elders.

They should also be a warning to politicians.

Florida’s legislature finally heard that message.  They did too little, and they did it far too late.  But they made a beginning.

Those who shake their heads and sigh that nothing ever has been, ever could be, ever will be done to prevent arming sick and violent criminals should look to Florida and remember that 18 year olds are voters.  Candidates who fail to take them seriously do so at their own peril.

Young people are demanding real change, not palliative measures designed to shut them up for now.  They aren’t going away, and they aren’t going to stop until they get results.

So, as Saturday approaches, with its planned national protests against gun violence, let us grieve with them, believe in them, support them, and rejoice in their strength.

Because they are the voters who actually will make America great again.

Shirley Maxwell, Strasburg