Letter to the editor: A gracious thank you


On Feb. 13, we had a fire in our home in Woodstock. The local fire company was the initial responder but due to the nature of the fire the response quickly escalated. County EMS and at least eight companies from the area came to check on us and help to save our home. We would like to thank and recognize the career responders and all the volunteers who have worked hard to train and serve their communities. These individuals willingly give their time to prepare and respond when called at any time of the day – a glowing example of what is right in America.

In the first few days, when we were reeling from the loss, our friends thoughtfully provided most of our necessities that would get us through the first few weeks. By friends we now include people we didn’t know who came forward to help us. The support of the community underscores the reasons why we chose to locate here. We thank all of those who provided support throughout the first few weeks of transition, and those who have organized fundraisers in the interim weeks.

We never thought such a catastrophic event would befall us. No one ever knows when fate is going to step in and deal its blow. Please keep that in mind when local response organizations ask to raise funds. Emergency equipment is expensive and it benefits all.

Steven and Barbara Gustavson, Woodstock