Letter to the Editor: Parking lot potholes need to be fixed


Have you been to Woodstock Square shopping center lately?  If you have, you probably noticed the large potholes all over the parking lot. Maybe you have even had the misfortune to hit one! They are pretty hard to miss when they are everywhere.

Recently I contacted the Woodstock Planning and Zoning Commission to find out who is responsible for this parking lot.  A relative of mine hit the sharp edge of a large pothole (at the first left on Henry Ford Drive) in February. It was difficult to see, filled with rain water, and even harder to miss. Fortunately, this individual was not injured, but her automobile tire was destroyed – and had to be replaced at $250.

To allow such a busy parking lot to continue in this state is an outrage. Many people shop at the stores there. If you have been a victim of this parking lot and the indifferent attitude, now is the time to speak up.

Woodstock needs to step up and demand that these parking lots be made safe.

Lee Snarr, Strasburg,