Letter to the Editor: Quotes left out of news story


The April 4 Board of Supervisors public hearing on the tax rate and budget was one of the most important meetings of the year. I was disappointed that the brief article about the hearing was not published in print until April 9, and included no quotes from the many speakers. My comments that night encouraging the Board of Supervisors to adopt the advertised tax rates and fully fund the School Board budget included the following:

“The budget approved unanimously by the Shenandoah County School Board and presented to the Board of Supervisors by Superintendent Mark Johnston is truly a needs based budget, not a “wish list.” Many of the needs in the budget have been there for several years but have not been funded. With instruction as with capital improvement projects, delaying necessary items costs more in the long run.

“Does the School Board budget include everything needed? No. As requests came from the schools, many are cut and postponed. The Shenandoah County School Board does our best to focus on what is most important to educate the most important people in our community – our children. Our decisions are made on the best interests of our students. We also strive to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.

“I heard this said on radio recently: “We don’t always need to be what we were, we can be better.” I commend the Board of Supervisors for your thoughtful budget discussions this year. I know you have to make some tough decisions as do we.

“Thank you for your service. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of adopting the proposed tax rates and fully funding the school board budget. Thank you for providing all of our citizens in Shenandoah County with the best services possible if you approve the tax rates and budget.”

Karen Whetzel, chairman, Shenandoah County School Board