Letter to the Editor: Say ‘no’ to King Amendment


The King Amendment is back and being considered as part of the Farm Bill. I oppose this Amendment and am urging Bob Goodlatte and anyone who will listen to oppose this amendment.

There is such an array of reasons that almost everyone can agree it shouldn’t be approved.This is why so many diverse groups are joining their voices together in an attempt to stop U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa from forcing his priorities on all of the United States.

This is the bill that threatens 10th Amendment state’s rights to set standards for agricultural products. According to Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy, the result could be hundreds of state and local laws being overturned. Some of the areas of concern are food quality and safety standards, infectious diseases, animal welfare, pesticide management, invasive species, and quality standards for consumer products.

Join me and groups such as the National Farmer’s Union, Consumer’s Union, National Sustainability Coalition, United Farm Workers and many other groups and individuals in asking our representatives to vote no on the King Amendment.

A few will profit at the expense of the rest. In my opinion, this is a promotion of big business to the detriment of rights, of agriculture, of our health, our quality of products, our choices, and yes, our laws concerning the worst kinds of animal abuse that will put money in their pockets while posing health and ethical issues for consumers.
Cindy M. Robbins, Front Royal