Letter to the Editor: The race for Kaine’s seat


Contemplating the race to beat Sen. Kaine this November, I realize simply having an “R” next to your name gives you no claim to Virginia’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

It’s been nearly 18 months since the election of our president, Donald Trump; yet, obstruction to the agenda voters enjoined the Republican members of Congress to implement is evident. Obamacare is law, there is no functional border wall, runaway federal judges usurp the will of the American people, unconstitutional federal agencies remain, further gun control looms, the genocide that is abortion is relentless, and this fiscal year’s federal deficit is estimated to reach $833 billion.

Candidates for the Republican nomination have an obligation to prove they think and will act differently. One candidate stands out – Virginia House Del. Nick Freitas. He has exhibited his willingness to fight for Americans after serving two tours in Iraq as a Green Beret, but his service as the delegate from Culpeper manifested his ability to interpret, convey and implement functional government policy in conjunction with the values and rights endowed to us by our creator.

Some of his proposed bills that would benefit Shenandoah Valley residents include limiting the ability of law enforcement to seize an individual’s property before conviction, implementing regulatory reform, exempting Virginia from Daylight Saving Time, legalizing hemp research, expediting the land-use permit process for utility companies offering communication services, ranked-choice voting, protecting aquaculture use in agricultural zones, alternative treatments and licensing solutions for veterans, guaranteed acceptance of dual enrollment credits at each public institution of higher education, approval to lease or sublease buildings and/or spaces owned by the commonwealth to charities offering addiction recovery services, establishment of high school-to-work partnerships, approval for bed and breakfast licensees to serve alcohol with or without a meal, assurance that no college student can be compelled to live in a campus housing facility, and much more.

Nick is the epitome of a Republican and the standard of a statesman.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Front Royal