Letter to the Editor: We have work to do


Here’s what we know about our president. He says his philosophy of life is revenge. He called those who turned the other cheek fools or idiots. He is racist through and through. He has been found guilty by the courts of discrimination against nonwhites in housing and employment. He is ignorant about almost everything and has a psychological need for the glorification of himself. He has a history of hiding books and records sought by auditors and has been found in contempt of court for destroying or delaying the production of records. He doesn’t want us to know about his taxes. He has a history of prevarication, misogyn, and adultery, and yet nearly 70 percent of white evangelicals – Christians – support him. Go figure!

He may be responsible for the destruction of the Republican party and the white evangelical church in the future. I just hope he is not responsible for the destruction of America, but he has certainly been making strides in that direction. Already, he has increased the national debt by 85 percent, by some reports. We are on track to borrow over $1 trillion because of his tax cuts, which are lining the pockets of his rich friends by taking from the taxpayers and giving it to those who pay little or no taxes in comparison.

This happened because many of us were busy studying in school or making a living and paying bills and not paying attention. We don’t have that luxury anymore. We must keep our heads up. It happened because many of us did not vote. We don’t have that luxury anymore. We must vote. It happened because voter ID laws kept many older, minority and student voters from voting. We must reverse those laws. We must vote Republicans out of office at the national and state levels as long as they support this president.

In addition to all of this, we must guard against the president selling out our country and its values to Russia. If he fires Robert Mueller, we must hit the streets in protest. It’s one thing to be a conservative. It’s quite another to be a traitor.

Michael Cash, Maurertown