Letter to the Editor: Why I subscribe to Daily

I moved from Shenandoah County to the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community in Harrisonburg two years ago. I thought I should continue to subscribe to the Northern Virginia Daily because I liked its balanced approach to national and local news and it helped me keep up with friends from earlier days.
Your April 5 issue had another reasoned, articulate, and rational column by Andy Schmookler in response to a comment from a right-wing troll; a clear, serious and impassioned statement by Michael Cash why we must not hesitate to vote to protect our democracy; and a poignant, rational yet emotional explanation of the closing of the Warren Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Care Center by Floyd Heater.
The writers of these articles are friends of mine: Michael was treasurer of the Democratic Party when I was chair; Floyd was president of the Shenandoah Memorial Hospital when I was board chairman and Andy and I have been friends for a long time.
Thank you so much for printing these items – there is no question why I continue to subscribe.
Donald Albright, Harrisonburg