Letter to the Editor: A positive choice


Headlines in a recent Northern Virginia Daily tell us that Republicans vying for the 6th Congressional District nomination resorted to threats and personal attacks. This is familiar to many who have engaged in cross party discussions in recent years. What should be a rational discussion too often ends in name calling, slurs and anger. Now, they have chosen a middle-of-the-road candidate who will claim that he has everyone’s interests at heart.

Our Republican-manufactured Congressional district is an example of Republican politicians picking their voters, making this one of the reddest districts in the country. Republican Congressman Goodlatte has held the seat for 26 years. This paralysis has resulted in no new ideas, no new initiatives and little progress for the district.

In the Virginia Senate, Republicans opposed expanding medical care for a large segment of our fellow citizens. Widespread common-sense solutions to gun massacres are spurned for the sake of extremism and empty rhetoric. Republicans see compromises for the sake of providing positive outcomes for their fellow Virginians as a political loss.

As a party, Republicans happily contain the anger and hate expressed by many in their ranks. Embracing and condoning such poison taints the whole party. Pretending it does not exist does not make it disappear.

Democrats are often labeled elite. If elitism is seeking the best opportunities for everyone, then Democrats must bear that label. But Republicans use labels as blunt instruments, rather than providing rational arguments. By remaining bound to outmoded ideas and theories, they must rely upon anger and blame-fixing to coerce their points.

Investigate the slate of forward thinking Democrats running for the House nomination in the June 12 primary. Help break the deadlock preventing solutions for the common good. It is time to help ourselves to better government.

Steve Foreman, Warren County