Letter to the Editor: Get to know Democratic candidate


On Tuesday, Democrats in our 6th Congressional District nominated a young woman who deserves the serious consideration of all Virginians interested in a better future. She is Jennifer Lewis from Waynesboro.

Jennifer grew up on a family farm and understands the importance of agriculture in this highly rural district. She favors enabling farmers to sell their products directly to restaurants. She also believes deeply that high-speed broadband services ought to be available in every part of the 6th Congressional District.

As a mental health professional, Jennifer has worked in the public schools to provide mental health services to at-risk youth and in her community to help adults move from inpatient care back into the community in which they live. She believes in expanding the Medicare program to cover all citizens.

As an elected member of the Headwater Soil and Water Board, Jennifer knows the importance of protecting the environment in this beautiful congressional district. She has been an active opponent of both the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines and has refused to accept campaign money from the fossil fuel industry.

Jennifer is deeply committed to health and well-being of her community, something that can be seen in her work as chair of both the Office of Youth Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board in Waynesboro. She is unequivocal in her support for fairness, which can be seen in her support for the Equal Rights Amendment, a $15 minimum wage, and stronger, more effective gun safety measures for the protection of all of our citizens.

Jennifer Lewis is an energetic young woman and would bring to Congress a fresh voice that doesn’t stand in the way of progress. She’s a person who understands that change demands hard work and a belief that better times do lie ahead. I would simply urge all who live in the 6th District to get to know Jennifer.

Katherine Morrison, Woodstock