Letter to the Editor: School officials should apologize


The column by Leonard Pitts on June 6, “Petaluma High learns censorship doesn’t work” – has been nagging me.

“Freedom of Speech” is the first article in our Bill of Rights but seems the easiest to be impinged or outright ignored.  It troubles me (and I’m sure it troubles others) that Miss Seitz’s school administrators reacted to her planned speech by cutting off her voice when she apparently deviated from her text.

It also bothers me that the school has a policy of censoring the content of student submissions for speaking at school events.  Such censorship goes beyond editing for grammatical errors, confused logic, and tightening up the text for clarity.  It is teaching that the First Amendment is not looked upon as the lynchpin that makes all the succeeding amendments relevant, e.g., the defenders of the Second Amendment are exercising full use of their First Amendment rights.

If it has not yet done so, the Petaluma administrators should publicly apologize to Miss Seitz and agree to amend their policy of judging submissions from students voicing their opinions on relevant topics.

Charles Funk, Front Royal