Letter to the Editor: The gift that keeps on giving


Most obvious conclusions of President Trump’s first 18 months in office: 1) He is a determined effective leader and most concerned about what is best for America, 2) He is challenged by an opposition resistance movement determined to undermine his decisions and sabotage his presidency with each passing moment.

The constant barrage of anti-Trump spew has become so predictable and routine that the typical informed voter is just waiting for the truth to catch up. Could it be that the anti-Trump resistance has ignored honesty and integrity for so long that the truth is coming home to roost? Could it be that the non-stop resistance movement has become, for President Trump, the gift that keeps on giving?

Polling data from December 2017 showing Democrats with an 18 point advantage for the 2018 midterms is now showing an even match between the two parties. The blue wave prediction of six months ago has fizzled to nothing. It seems that people are rejecting the overwhelming resistance effort from the left and favoring President Trump’s focused efforts to restore America.

President Trump’s policies have produced economic growth for America through reductions in taxes and federal regulations – that’s a fact. The stock market is at an all time high, and unemployment is at a 49 year low of 3.8 percent – both facts. The American economy is projected to produce an average growth rate of 3.3 percent in 2018, a rate never achieved under the Obama administration.

Good news for America is bad news for Democrats, so their resistance strategy is to make President Trump’s accomplishments for America seem like failures. According to polls, that strategy is failing as the truth finds its way home. I think Brent Bozell’s statement regarding resistance from the left was spot-on, “their vicious hot air is the wind beneath Trump’s wings.”

And a Mark Twain quote would do well to summarize the bewildering hard left dilemma: “A lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Leroy Donald, Stephens City