Letter to the Editor: An apology for disgraceful actions


I would like to send my sincere apology to the entire Hispanic/Latino community of the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and to the many descendants of immigrants who have come to America – Native Americans included.

I want to apologize for the disgraceful actions taken by Mr. Trump, the GOP, and his insensitive administration. Please know that this man and his nodding sycophants do not represent the views of the majority of Americans who call the United States home.

I, for one, know that your presence in our community and country as a whole has contributed to what has always made America great! Your values of hard work, love of family, and devotion to God are a model for all people of the world to follow.

America has always been a great place, and you and your families have done nothing but make it even better. As a local educator and proud citizen of this community, I am blessed to know many of you on a personal basis.

Today, I proudly stand with you and other decent Americans who know you deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other American.

Joe Livesay, Stephens City