Letter to the Editor: We have nowhere to go but up


During America’s history we have, from time to time, had less-than-brilliant occupants at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We have also had scandals, whether great or small.  But in general the staff surrounding the president has done its best to prop up the president, and to cover up his faux pas.  The Oval Office has worked very hard to protect a president from the fallout from any scandals.

Granted, back in those days, we didn’t suffer from 24-hour news cycles and more cable and broadcast news channels than we could keep track of.  But now we have overt incompetence, arrogance, prevarication, perseveration, confusion, illiteracy, and self-confessed refusal to take advice from Cabinet officers.  And the occupant of the Oval Office brags about his  swordsmanship, conflates truth and untruth about infidelities, and blows every question off.  Normal miscreants try to lay low and duck publicity…

This marks a low point in the history of American democratic institutions.  We have nowhere to go but up.  We need to find our better selves, and save our country from any further self-inflicted wounds.

Marilyn Lott, Front Royal