Letter to the Editor: Deadline approaches for green card holders


Effective Sept. 9, the Trump administration plans to begin deportation of tens of thousands of Salvadoran refugees living and working in the United States under the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) program. They are “green card” holders who pay taxes, start businesses and buy homes, but whose TPS classification does nothing to set them on the path to citizenship. Tens of thousands of their children, United States citizens by virtue of being born in this country, will either be uprooted with their parents or families will be split between El Salvador and the United States.

Green card holders, who have contributed greatly to our local unskilled labor force, particularly in the poultry industry, will be faced with agonizing decisions as the deadline fast approaches.

Would the Congress only act in the next few weeks on bills now before it, a great deal of fear, chaos and disruption to our local business communities could be avoided. Area residents should contact their representatives and urge them to pass the American Promise Act of 2017 and the SECURE Act, which provides guidelines to TPS cardholders for obtaining permanent resident status and citizenship.

John Clem, Edinburg