Letter to the Editor: Does exceptionalism include immigrant kids?


In his recent letter to the editor, Leroy Donald touts the “cultural and economical exceptionalism that America has proven to the world.” I must question whether the exceptionalism to which he refers includes our treatment of immigrant children at our southern border. Perhaps he refers to our exceptionally high drug prices and a health care system that, unlike other developed countries, treats health as a commodity rather than a universal right.

Those of us who would like to see legislation enacted that provides a livable minimum wage, Medicare for all, free higher education and public funding of elections do not, as Mr. Donald contends, advocate that all means of production and distribution of goods should be owned and controlled by the government. Nor would we suggest all receive the same wages and benefits.

Mr. Donald ignores the fact that existing and highly popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare already are a fabric of our society. These programs are socialistic in nature. At best, his contention that “socialism is rearing it’s ugly head” with a corresponding description of pure socialism, is a red herring, intended to minimize the growing inequities in our society. If Mr. Donald himself is content to benefit from our existing social programs, he might want to ask himself if he is being hypocritical.

Tom Parker, Strasburg