Letter to the Editor: Educators make a difference


I’ve been a teacher in Frederick County for 23 years and serve as a district president of the Virginia Education Association. I do what I do because I love the work and the chance to see my colleagues making a difference in the lives of young people every day.

On a typical school day, students board buses and are greeted by the driver; or perhaps they arrive at school by car, eat breakfast and are greeted by a custodian, instructional aide or cafeteria worker. Many students have someone say good morning to them before they reach their classroom teacher. Why? Because educators care about students: We value each one and want them to know we’re here.

Many teachers arrive early and stay late every day. Most of the time it’s to prepare for the next day or to work with students. We do it because we care.

Administrators and supervisors work with teachers to ensure that best practices are used in our classrooms. They provide learning opportunities for staff, and they also greet, meet with, and discipline students as needed – all to make sure our schools run smoothly. They do this because they care.

Have you noticed a theme? Educators care about students – and all school employees are educators. Whether they drive a bus, work in the School Board or a school office, the nurse’s office, the transportation department, the classroom, or travel from building to building, public educators do their jobs because they care about students and our future.

Many of us have been wearing red every Wednesday to show support for public education, and we invite you to join us. Show local educators you appreciate the difference they make in young people’s lives. Show the state it’s time to step up and provide adequate funding for schools. Show our students we believe in them and will do all we can. Unity is the answer. Educators, parents, students and community members can unite in wearing red every Wednesday to send a message from the Shenandoah Valley to Richmond. Our students deserve the best! #WearRed4Ed

Joy Kirk, Winchester