Letter to the Editor: Finding valley values


Here in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District, we can reverse the “business as usual” practices that have been in effect for 26 years. That’s 13 consecutive terms, ironic when you consider that candidate Bob Goodlatte was originally in favor of term limits. Many of his constituents have never seen the Republican congressman, since he prefers to meet with a select few. Repeated queries from concerned voters produce nothing but identical form letters.

This election cycle, we have a chance for a new beginning. The Democratic nominee, Jennifer Lewis, offers compassion, innovation and alternatives. A health care professional, she is active in the Augusta County and Waynesboro communities, where she volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club, and with Big Brother, Big Sister. Jennifer currently works to assist adults with mental illness in their transition from inpatient care back into the community. She’s served as chair of the Waynesboro Parks and Recreation Board for eight years and chairs the Office on Youth Commission. Jennifer founded Friends of Augusta, providing leadership against a financial juggernaut forcing a pipeline through an unspoiled Virginia countryside. Jennifer has the interests of all the district in mind. Instead of promoting exclusion, she listens and responds.

Jennifer grew up on a small dairy farm, and is familiar with the challenges of the rural citizens in the 6th District. Growing up in the country provided a foundation of self-reliance and appreciation for the land. We must protect and cherish the natural bounty that nurtures us here in the Shenandoah Valley. Jennifer opposes the encroaching pipelines, standing with landowners in opposition to eminent domain claims that favor large corporations. She supports enforcement of antitrust laws to help small farmers compete with industrial agriculture.

Please take the opportunity to meet Jennifer Lewis when she visits your community. We have an  important opportunity in this critical election to correct the failing policies now in place and lead the 6th District toward compassion, cooperation and progress. Let’s reject anger and division.  Jennifer can introduce a new politics rooted in valley values.

Steve Foreman, chair,  Warren County Democratic Committee