Letter to the Editor: Why take money for golf course with not future?


We have been members of the Front Royal Golf Club for almost 20 years. We have a senior membership, which is play restricted to Monday through Friday.

When we paid our yearly membership in December, no mention was made that the course would be closed January through March, losing three months of golf play. It was open on weekends, but our membership is restricted to weekdays.

The weather has played havoc with the maintenance, but 80 percent of that course can still be mowed and maintained.

The week of Aug. 7, the course is open, the mowing equipment is not visible, the mowing employees are gone, the groundskeeper is gone. Fairways and tee boxes have not been mowed. Greens have not been swept. Earlier his month three people were cutting the weeds off the banks behind Lowes and Walmart. One lonely mower was mowing the roughs, not the fairways. Not one maintenance person was seen on the course itself while we were there! Obviously, the course will not be maintained and left in an unkempt cow pasture mode in order to run the members off.

Obviously, the county has been planning this closure for some time. They freely took our money with no hints. We have lost seven months of playing time because the course is unfit for play in its present state (September-December). If any business on Main Street pulled these shenanigans, it would be charged with fraud and deceit. Does not the county have moral obligations? Are they above the law? Why take our money when they knew there was no future for this golf course?

Mike and Helen Humphrey, Hedgesville, West Virginia