Letter to the Editor: The choice is clear


I am writing this letter on behalf of Ben Cline, who is running for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. I have known Ben for many years, and he is a stand-up guy who has been a leader in the House of Delegates for many years.

Ben ran the House of Delegates Conservative Caucus and was a leader in getting conservative legislation passed through the General Assembly and signed by the various governors of Va. These include HB865 back in 2010, which made it a felony to assault a campus police officer, and HB1204, which increased penalties for repeat offend drunken drivers.

Ben has also been a leader when it comes to taking on dangerous gangs in our schools by sponsoring legislation (HB2441 in 2009) and passing it through the assembly, which required the Virginia Department of Corrections to notify prosecutors of gang affiliation of inmates who are charged with an offense while in prison. He also had HB2637 passed into law, which required fingerprinting of individuals arrested in violation of a protective order.

But most importantly, Ben is a good husband to his lovely wife Elizabeth and their twin daughters. I’m proud to call Ben my good friend.

Ben’s opponent on the other hand, has no real resume other than to organize protests. This comes directly off of her website.

Quite frankly my dear friends and neighbors, the choice is clear who to support!

John Massoud, Strasburg