Letter to the Editor: Stop Trump at the polls


I have only hated two people in my life.

The first was Adolph Hitler. I was 9 years old when World War II started. I would go to a local theater and they would show a newsreel called “News of the Day.” That is how I kept up on news of the war.

I saw pictures of dead bodies of Jews thrown in large holes dug in the ground by Germans, concentration camps filled with Jews, railroad cars that had been used to carry Jews to gas chambers.

I saw all the young men I knew drafted, maybe never to come back. Two of those men were my mother’s brothers. One of those men became a German prisoner of war. He weighed 185 pounds when he was captured and when he was liberated, he weighed 85 pounds.

What do you think it was like for a 9-year-old girl to think, “What if we don’t win the war?” I was scared about this every day and night for five years.

The second person I hate is Donald Trump, and what he is doing to this country with the help of the Republican Congress.

I can’t list all of the reasons why I hate this person, but think about Adolph Hitler and the Jews, then think about Trump and children away from their parents, strung all over the country and living in cages.

The only way to stop Trump is at the polls.

June Cullers, Front Royal