Letter to the Editor: Socialism! Not an option for America


Seems as though socialism is officially rearing it’s ugly head in America when only a decade past, the word was considered by many to describe a way of life not worthy of discussion here in the U.S.A. Those who support socialism for America apparently failed to learn about our success over the past 242 years as a constitutional republic of, by and for the people, with a free market economy based on capitalism. We didn’t get to the top through bad performance.

While I’m not a student of socialism, the basic tenets that I’ve read describe a social standard requiring that all means of production and distribution of goods is owned and controlled by the government and that private property and the distribution of income is also subject to government or social control.

Under a true socialist policy, I read that society is classless and all workers receive the same wages and benefits including health care and other essentials. The goal is to eliminate competition among people and put everyone in the same playing field. Since everyone receives the same wages and benefits, they all prosper equally. Sameness is a goal, competition is disallowed.

Why work harder to advance when your reward is the same as for those who just try to get by?

It’s human nature for people to cherish the freedom to make their decisions, own their homes and property, control their lives, work a job that has a future and make their own choices. It’s the very fabric of America and the essence of our free market system. It’s not what our founders had in mind and it’s not who we are as Americans.

For all who honor the cultural and economic exceptionalism that America has proven to the world, I say that socialism is not even an option. As Ronald Reagan quoted, “Socialism only works in two places, Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.”

Leroy Donald, Stephens City