Letter to the Editor: Trump is calling out shills of far left


Your editorial of Aug. 16, “Mr. Trump, end the rhetoric,” is understandable.

In my view, your paper does its best to present both sides of the issues in your editorials, guest columns and news stories. It is too bad that Mr. Trump’s rhetoric is perceived as an attack on all media. However, Mr. Trump, in his sometimes crude and tactless way, is simply calling out the so-called “main stream media” (read ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and many of the large city newspapers) that have become nothing more than shills for the Democratic Party and the far left. One needs only to remember that some of the commentators were weeping on air after the election, and to realize that about 85 percent of media coverage of this administration is negative.

Where is the media coverage of the positive things done? Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low, women are in the workforce more than in almost 50 years, our military is being funded and respected again, and our economic position is much better than it has been for years.

If the media is supposed to report the news as it happens, without bias and fairly, then how can the people who the news is biased against and unfair to think of them as anything but the “enemy of the people?”

Thomas C. Overman III, Woodstock