Letter to the Editor: GOP fair signs show where party stands


The Shenandoah County Republican booth at this year’s county fair was a stark statement of where the local Republican Party leadership stands today.

One sign urged “… Walk Away From Hate, Socialism and Violence, especially from Killing Babies and Raping Children!” This sign was removed by the Sheriff’s Office, along with the signs of several local Republican candidates who did not wish to be associated with the booth.

Other signs referenced illegal aliens, abortion, open borders, and murdered Americans. And then there was the large banner next to the Mike Pence cut out, promoting “Q”. This is in reference to a website that is based solely on a deep-state conspiracy theory.

Is this representative of your Republican values? Not substantive issues and answers, but instilling fear of “the other” with catch phrases such as socialism, hate, violence, murdered Americans, etc., and proudly promoting a conspiracy theory boogie man.

Signs from the Democratic booth: Protect Clean Air and Water; Provide Affordable Health Care; Defend Social Security; Fund Education. Democrats fight for You!

You decide.

Mark Pierce, M.D., Maurertown