Letter to the Editor: Hateful rhetoric from GOP at fair


How has our county (and country) gotten to where we are today? As I worked a fair booth last week, I was shocked at the hateful rhetoric I was hearing from the Republican booth.

Not knowing what “Q” meant, a friend went to investigate and discovered a very “knowledgeable” man there who was more than happy to discuss all the conspiracy theories that have come to define the Republican party –  theories that have no basis; theories that are coded so the average person cannot decipher them. These theories speak of the deep state, the One-Worlders, and how they are trying to destroy the Constitution. He even went so far as to blame the media, which I might remind you, is here to keep government accountable.

Reporters are held to high reporting standards and have multiple sources to support their findings before reporting. The media has and always will keep Americans informed using factual information, not theories; theories that have not been proven with factual information. This “knowledgeable” man even went so far as to say he predicted a certain senator’s death before he died, to the day. And that his death was not by natural means. The gull of this man and his party to put themselves on a pedestal! Only one being can predict death, and that is our Creator. So, here we have it — the Republican party is supporting conspiracy theories to instill fear into the public in hopes they will #WALKAWAY from the Democratic Party.

However, what I saw and heard at the Democratic booth was a positive and informative message that explained the issues important to all Americans. It was uplifting to see there are still good, common sense people who care enough to speak truths and will listen. This gives me hope for a better tomorrow for my children and grandchildren.

Yvonne H. Lytton, Woodstock