Letter to the Editor: What Republicans believe


There’s a divide between the two major parties – you don’t need to be told that contrary to numerous opinion pieces written prior to this one. I’d rather write in defense of fundamental Republican beliefs in lieu of berating its opponents.

The underpinning of our platform is individual autonomy, and it’s from here we decide what is right and what is wrong. Unborn children are entitled to enter this world to either succeed or fail regardless of circumstances you and I believe inhibit them from doing so. Property rights absent of government regulation are historically the best solution to all environmental woes. The free market has eliminated extreme poverty throughout the world at a rate never before seen in human history and has allowed America to become the beacon of prosperity.

Health care has become all but unattainable for a majority of Americans due to well-intentioned, yet harmful attempts to regulate a market comprising a third of our economy. An overwhelming, yet constitutionally restrained national defense will ensure our nation’s enemies don’t harm the American people. Education is one of the most critical variables in the future of our children and our nation, and it’s ripping at the seams.

While some areas are underfunded, the issue is much broader than that and requires more than just money to fix it. Harmful regulation and taxation destroys industry in America, and we can bring them back along with the creation of others by removing the bureaucratic variable in that equation. Our national debt is out of control, and the elimination of deficit spending should be our top priority. Our immigration crisis is complex, and we must strictly enforce federal law until Congress quits kicking the can down the road on reform. Our right to self defense could not be clearer, and the government continues to infringe upon that every chance it gets. Our own humanity is called into question when we dehumanize others regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and creed.

Republicans like myself do not observe conspiracies, nor do they promote hate; thank you.

Kyle G. Ford, Woodstock