Jason Wright: A lovely problem to have

Jason Wright

Dear Readers,
Some of you have noticed over the last few months, my columns went from weekly to not-so-much. Loyal readers have stopped me in Walmart, Sheetz and at church on Sundays to ask about the drought. (Hi Marilyn!) I’ve been asked if my laptop blew up, my pens ran out of ink, or if my muse was deported.
The truth is much less interesting. Simply put, I’m engaged in so many projects at once that I haven’t had time to chase leads and cultivate stories, especially of local interest. No complaints! It’s a lovely problem to have.
I’m working on several novels at once, developing a short film, cranking out my first non-fiction title for next spring, speaking in schools and prepping to launch my children’s series, “The Lost Carnival.” Somewhere in between it all I manage church responsibilities, spend time with my family and sleep. But let’s face it, that last one sometimes seems optional.
If I’ve learned anything since launching a weekly-ish column, the best ideas often come from readers. Sure, you’ve read my observations on parenting, pop-culture or breaking news. But my most interesting and widely-read columns are about everyday people doing extraordinary things.
Whether it’s a cancer patient battling to the wire or a kind man giving water bottles to a stranger in running shoes, you’ve loved the stories that remind us there’s still goodness in the world, no matter what the evening news reports.
This is where you come in. If you have an inspiring neighbor, coworker, or cousin in California, let me know. If you read a story online or something tickled your fancy on talk radio or cable news, drop me a note. If you have your own unique, personal story you’d like to me to share and that you think Northern Virginia Daily readers would enjoy, track me down.
Naturally, I can’t guarantee every tip and story will find it’s way online and in print, but I can promise to read every idea and consider it with fresh eyes. No matter your age, color, gender, religion or education, every suggestion is welcome.
You may submit story tips by visiting www.jasonfwright.com. Look for the “Contact” button. You may also call 540-459-9002.
Better yet, if you see me in Walmart, Sheetz or at church on Sundays, say hello and tell me what’s on your mind. The next inspiring story in this space just might be yours.
Sincerely, Jason
Jason F. Wright is a New York Times best-selling author of 10 books, including “Christmas Jars,”“The Wednesday Letters” and “The 13th Day of Christmas.”